Digital Marketing V/s Traditional Marketing

It’s been a long time since the discussion of customary advertising versus computerized advertising has been going on. Advertising is an essential piece of any business which one can’t overlook. An astute and visionary business person will guarantee setting a piece of the financial plan for showcasing endeavors alone. However, it is an era where a large portion of people make online transactions, another chunk of the population doesn’t even know how to use internet. This makes it exceedingly troublesome for the business person to choose which part of brand advertising to focus on; computerized showcasing or conventional promoting.


Customary showcasing alludes to the regular strategies for promoting utilized as far back as the idea of ads or advertising appeared. These includes the following modes for Brand Promotions :

  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Flyers
  • Television
  • BillBoards
  • Magazines Advertisements


Advanced promoting is the new age advertising technique for the worldwide domain. With web discovering its application and advantage in each part of life, showcasing too has figured out how to not just make mindfulness or advance brands through it, yet in addition give them a worldwide stage to achieve a more extensive client base. It incorporates the accompanying :

  • Business Networking Sites
  • Social Media Sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Pop-Up Ads
  • Blogs
  • Click Baiting URL’s for viral contents Marketing

Digital Marketing Benefits Over Traditional Marketing :

Conventional showcasing has its own favorable circumstances however there is almost certainly that web advertising has set a transformation on fire. It has some benefits over traditional marketing and some of those are listed below:

  1. Low Cost
  2. Real Time Result
  3. Brand Development
  4. Non-Intrusive
  5. Greater Exposure
  6. Better Engagement
  7. Easy Analytics, Nothing More..,


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