Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing | 2018

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing? Which one should you choose? Which one will give you maximum results? Well, this is a Million Dollar Question. So let’s have some basic understandings first that what is Digital Marketing and what is Traditional Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

The integrated representation of a New or an Old Brand online as well as the improvisation of its own existence to reach its Goal, Aim or Objectives in order to make a brand awareness, make sales, gain profits, through online marketing or Digital Marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing can be any activity related to advertising, Promoting a Brand, Product or an Event through various offline Platforms like :









News Paper Print Ads

Word of Mouth.

Now you may be aware of what is Digital Marketing and what is Traditional Marketing. So let’s Come to the real question and our topic

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.

Traditional Marketing consists of 4p’s – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Since Traditional marketing is used on various channels Like Billboards, Tv, Radio, Newspaper etc. It requires a bigger budget to advertise on these Offline (Traditional marketing) channels.

Whereas on the other hand the digital marketing can be started with a very low budget.

Now let’s have A look at comparison between¬†Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.

  • Traditional Marketing requires a big budget to advertise on its different advertising channels Whereas the Digital marketing can start with a little budget only.
  • Traditional Marketing cannot target the narrow and authentic audience but Digital Marketing can target the desired audience needed to accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Result from Traditional Marketing can not be measured and so is ROI (Return On Investment) where as the Results and ROI can be Measured deeply and precisely in Digital marketing.


Since we can get better results from Digital Marketing and better analytics, Digital Marketing is the best way to promote, make brand awareness, get more sales, get more business and achieve goals and objectives in an effective and efficient manner.

The usage of Traditional marketing has declined to a great extent in the last 3 years and soon traditional marketing will extinguish and everyone will be moving towards Digital Marketing as it gives far much better results than the traditional marketing.

If you think that traditional marketing is better than digital marketing please tell us how in the comments

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Digital marketing Vs Traditional Marketing